PM Modi Explores New Horizons in India-France Partnership: Strengthening Ties for Progress

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'See France As A Natural Partner In Our Progress': PM Modi

At the Elysee Palace, PM Modi and President Macron of France spoke.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised France as a natural friend in India’s march towards growth in a show of camaraderie and mutual appreciation. PM Modi thanked the host nation for the kind welcome after lengthy discussions with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace.

During PM Modi’s visit to France, the discussions encompassed a wide array of subjects, spanning from long-term visas and university collaborations to the far-reaching ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on the Global South, PM Modi emphasized the importance of assisting and supporting these nations during these challenging times.

PM Modi stated that India and France have a special duty to safeguard peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, a subtly allusion to a more aggressive China. He advocated for strict measures to prevent cross-border terrorism and emphasised the need of settling disputes via negotiation and diplomacy. The Prime Minister also emphasised the importance of entrepreneurs and innovation in fostering bilateral collaboration.

As India and France commemorate their alliance’s 25th anniversary this year, this visit represents the strengthening of their strategic cooperation. The presence of PM Modi in the Bastille Day celebrations and his following conversations with President Macron opened up fresh possibilities for cooperation and mutual advancement.

“The palpable special bond between India and France is evident today. France stands as a natural partner in our quest for advancement. The roadmap we are forging for the next 25 years is a testament to the burgeoning nature of this partnership,” asserted PM Modi.

The Prime Minister warmly welcomed France’s introduction of long-term visas for Indian citizens and extended an invitation for French universities to establish campuses in India. These strategic initiatives are poised to fortify educational and cultural ties between the two nations.

Following the joint flypast featuring Indian Rafale jets alongside their French counterparts during the Bastille Day parade, PM Modi emphasized the significance of this cooperation. “We witnessed the participation of our Rafale jets in the flypast, while our naval ships graced French ports,” he highlighted, underscoring the strengthening military bonds between the two countries.

PM Modi and President Macron reached a consensus on the importance of enhancing collaboration in fields such as renewable energy, artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors, and digital technology. “Novel approaches are being explored to augment cooperation in these domains,” PM Modi remarked, stressing the need to democratize technology supply chains.

As France and India embark on this shared trajectory of growth and mutual prosperity, their deepening ties and shared aspirations pave the way for an enduring partnership that transcends boundaries and embraces the promise of a brighter future.



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