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Adipurush: Controversy and anticipation surrounding the film based on the epic Ramayana

A cinematic conundrum fueled by religious tension among the Hindu community



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Prepare yourself for the grand arrival of the much-awaited cinematic spectacle, it is none other than the magnum opus Adipurush starring iconic superstar Prabhas. With its imminent release in the upcoming month of June, this epic adaptation of the classic Ramayana has already lit up the fires of anticipation. However, amid the vigorous promotions that began on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, the makers of the film find themselves embroiled in a web of controversies.


To ignite the fire of excitement, the masterminds of Adipurush unveiled an eye-catching poster that features Prabhas and Kriti Sanon as revered avatars of Lord Rama and Sita, along with the brave figures of Lakshmana and Hanuman . This iconic illustration, intended to heighten excitement for the film, was set to surprise the public.


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Alas, a section of extreme right-wingers emerged from the shadows, who alleged that the creators had grossly neglected the sacred principles of the Ramcharit Manas. He asserted that the depiction of Lord Rama and Lakshmana was severely lacking the sacred thread (Jandhyam), which he considered an unforgivable offense. Taking her grievances into the legal arena, she lodged a formal complaint against the makers.


Sadly, it appears that Adipurush’s plight extends beyond the realm of graphics and controversial depiction of characters such as the alleged Islamization of Lord Ravana. As the journey progresses, the film is all set to face controversies. One can’t help but wonder if this latest storm will act as a catalyst, garnering much-needed attention for the film. Meanwhile, Prabhas, the shining star of the effort, is yet to kick start his promotional campaign, adding more curiosity to the drama that is unfolding.

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