Former Actress Sana Khan Delights in Welcoming Baby Boy with Husband Anas Saiyad

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Former Actress Sana Khan Embraces Motherhood: Welcomes Baby Boy Amidst Weight Loss Worries and Emotional Bond with Husband Anas Saiyad

Sana Khan and her husband Anas Saiyad delightedly announced the birth of their first child, a newborn boy, on social media. The couple expressed their appreciation for the kind thoughts and prayers that had been with them during this lovely trip.



Sana Khan was open and honest about her concerns about social pressure when discussing her ideas about post-pregnancy weight increase throughout her pregnancy. In an interview, she expressed her aversion to the notion that weight loss should overshadow the importance of embracing healthy motherhood. For Sana Khan, the well-being of herself and her child takes precedence over any pressure to shed pounds.

Speaking to The Times of India, she emphasized the need to prioritize her health and provide her child with the necessary nutrition for optimal growth. Sana Khan firmly believed that a new mother should not be made to believe that weight loss holds greater significance than the joy of experiencing motherhood. Instead, she aimed to promote the idea of overall well-being and happiness. For her, being a dedicated and healthy mother was paramount, and weight loss could be pursued at a later time.

In addition to discussing her views on motherhood and weight, Sana Khan lovingly shared insights into her husband’s emotional response upon seeing their baby. Witnessing a different side of him, she described how he would often become overwhelmed with emotions, often shedding tears of joy while gazing at their child. Sana Khan humorously revealed that she was usually the more emotional one in their relationship, but now, her husband’s tears have become a regular occurrence. Their bond was strengthened through their little bundle of joy.

The couple named their baby boy Saiyad Tariq Jamil, cherishing the precious moments of parenthood together.

Formerly known for her appearance in Bigg Boss 6 and her role in the film Jai Ho, Sana Khan has now embarked on an exciting chapter of her life, embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood with open arms.


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